Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 1 at scrum team

We have just got started with our scrum team today.

We are a team of six plus PO, SM and BA. We had our daily standup meeting with updates from "The Team" including Dev and QA guys. We also had SCRUM Master, Delivery Manager, QA Manager and BA present during our stand up but they did not give any updates.

Our new scrum master gave us a quick overview of how we are going to proceed, little bit about the meetings and how the backlog will be filled. We plan to have a quick planning meeting in the afternoon where we are going to discuss the ongoing tasks. So now a little background, we are an existing team with developers and testers taking on delivery items from two to three lines of business. The businesses directly contact testers and devs to giv and teak the detail and get started with the work. The QA team has to give signoff for the changes and it is considered as go ahead for a release.

So we are basically in our sprint zero the delivery manager and scrum master have taken this task of roling out SCRUM for the team and they are trying hard for it.

Lots of Good Luck to the new SCRUM Team.

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